Best Google Workspace Marketplace Apps for Nonprofits

Efficiency and productivity are no less important at nonprofits than they are at other organizations. In fact, since they tend to operate on tighter budgets, they often need to be even more productive than their for-profit counterparts to compensate for their lack of manpower and financial resources.

There are few tools more helpful than Google Workspace for helping your organization maximize its productivity. In addition to the amazing communication, scheduling, and collaboration features they provide, they also allow you to install third-party apps from the Google Workspace Marketplace. This can help you turbo-charge your organization’s ability to get things done efficiently.

Some of these apps are more helpful and relevant to nonprofits than others and choosing the right ones for your needs can help you avoid wasting tens of hours of your precious time. So we decided to help you out by listing the apps we most recommend for nonprofit organizations.

9 Best Google Workspace Apps for Nonprofits

1. CalendarHero

CalendarHero helps you save time on numerous scheduling functions. It allows you to display your availability for meetings in your emails, send out scheduling links, automatically send out meeting reminders to reduce “no shows,” brand invites with your logo, collect payments from invitees, embed a scheduler in your website, integrate links to popular video conferencing platforms, and enjoy lots of other time-saving features. They offer a free plan as well as higher-end plans for larger teams that require access to additional features.

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2. SMS Reminder

You can send SMS messages to team members, volunteers, and donors through SMS Reminder. The app helps you send appointment reminders to others by text messaging by syncing with your Google Calendar app. You can simply add the phone numbers of invitees directly into your Google Calendar and they will receive an automated SMS message reminding them to join, no matter where they’re located. You can customize your messages with instructions, details, and other helpful notes. SMS Reminder has several plans you can choose from, including one that’s completely free.

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3. Automagical Forms

Among the most technologically impressive apps on this list, Automagical Forms can save you hours of frustration when building a Google Form. Rather than having to repeatedly copy and paste text from a Google Doc or PDF file onto a Google Form, you can copy the text and question with just 1 click. The software is powered by AI technology that checks the content of your files and produces an accurate form, though you still can manually adjust and edit the final version through Automagical Forms if necessary. If you’re a heavy user of Google Forms, Automagical Forms can cost you hundreds of dollars per month, depending on which plan you need. But if you’re only creating a few forms per year that will require you to convert up to just 6 pages of text, the free plan will suffice.

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4. Google Analytics

Whether you’re marketing your nonprofit’s website via email marketing, social media, SEO, or PPC campaigns such as those managed through the Google Ad Grants program, you are probably using Google Analytics to track and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. While the Google Analytics dashboards are great for a high-level view of what’s happening on your website, if you want to carefully analyze your traffic, you’re going to need to export your data onto a spreadsheet. The Google Analytics add-on for Google Workspace lets you easily review your traffic stats in Google Sheets through custom reports and data visualizations.  

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5. PDF to Word Doc Converter

One of the more useful apps for day-to-day use, the PDF to Word Doc Converter makes it easy to convert any PDF to a text file accurately. You can simply drag and drop your PDF file onto the add-on to convert it to a Word document. You can also edit the PDF and save it in that format. The add-on is completely free, but it does include lots of annoying ads, so you’ll need to disable your ad blocker, or you’ll be in store for a frustrating experience.

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6. DocuSign eSignature

DocuSign eSignature is a great program for simplifying contract signing. The app lets you collect signatures without having to physically send the documents. You can send your agreements via email attachments over Gmail for people to sign online, saving you the time and frustration often involved in collecting signatures. Subscriptions start at $10 per month for their least expensive plan, a small price to pay for potentially saving you hours.

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7. PNG, GIF, JPEG Optimizer

If you regularly email images to others or upload them to your website, then you probably know the benefits of minimizing file sizes. Smaller files load more quickly than large ones, which saves time for the person trying to view the image, whether they are downloading it from an email or seeing it on a webpage. This image optimization tool helps you shrink the optimize the size of video and image files without risking quality loss. The program is completely free but includes lots of ads that you need to navigate around.

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8. Evernote for Google Gmail

Evernote for Google Gmail helps you organize your Gmail inbox. You can save emails into notes and share them with others as public links on the Evernote platform. The system also helps you store your content for when you have time to view it. You can also move important messages into your Evernote account to ensure everything is easier to spot, making sure you won’t lose any important emails when your inbox is too crowded.

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9. by is a program that helps you create flowcharts, mockups, and other diagrams. One of the more popular apps in the Google Workspace Marketplace, this program is incredibly useful for making complicated visualizations of workflows, organizational hierarchies, and many other common uses by nonprofits.

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A Final Word

All nine of these Google Workspace Marketplace apps are convenient tools for helping your nonprofit organization operate more productively without having to spend much money. We hope you find them useful. If you have any feedback on these add-ons, or you think we left something off the list that we should check, drop a note in the comments section.

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