Hey there, this is The Digital Nonprofit team.

In our previous jobs, one resource we’ve always valued were those rare websites that give detailed, honest tech reviews. But when it came to choosing software for our nonprofit clients, there was no such site to be found. So, we decided to create our own!

Our mission on this site is to give you the information you need to make informed decisions on your organization’s tools.

Our Review Methodology

With every product we recommend, we create my own “test” account and run through every feature of the software as if we were a real user. When possible, like with donation forms, we can even embed a live example in the review post for you to test yourself.

While we’re using the software, we take screenshots and notes along the way. We’ll also find some reason to contact the support team, to evaluate their response time and helpfulness. Often this results in spending a dozen hours or more with the tool, so we truly know its functionality.

Finally, when it comes time to review, we consider the product on a few factors:

  1. Price – There’s no avoiding your budget, so first off, how much does it cost?
  2. Features – Does it do enough to make it worthwhile? And does it really do what it claims?
  3. Ease of Use – Can your whole team use it, or will they hate it? How about your donors or members?
  4. Support – When the inevitable happens, do you have help? What kind of support is there?

And then we compile that all into a 2,000+ word review with pictures and mini-tutorials.

Finally, we also make sure to have a pros & cons section and blurb at the top so you can quickly decide, overall, if it’s really going to be worth your money.

How do we Find the Time & Money To Do This?

We use carefully-chosen affiliate links and referral programs to help fund this site.

Practically, it means that software providers pay us a small commission if you purchase their product after clicking our link. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, (in fact my links often give you discounts), and it enables us to treat this website as our full-time job. That means more time spent reviewing the tools, and more in-depth, useful information for you.

Not all the providers we review are affiliates, but all products are subjected to the same rigorous review process listed above. Being objective is the foundation of our reviews.

Should you ever have a question regarding a review, please feel free to contact us or leave a public comment in any of our reviews.

The full legalese version of this disclosure can be found in the Privacy Policy.

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