What is Google Ad Grants?

Ad Grants is a program where Google gives eligible nonprofits $10,000 per month ($120k a year) in free advertising on their Ads platform. Nonprofits in the US, Canada, UK and dozens of other countries are eligible.

The Ads appear at the very top of search results relevant to your nonprofit, resulting in thousands of new visitors arriving at your website, ready to engage.

The only catch is that these Ads campaigns require frequent management to get the maximum effect.


How does Ad Grants work?

At the simplest level, Ads campaigns consist of keywords matched to text ads. When someone searches the keywords you’ve chosen, your ad appears at the top of the page.

These Ads appear even above “organic” search results achieved by SEO.

In the example pictured here, Ads for Purple Heart and Vietnam Vets show when we search “donate my car”, above the organic result by charitywatch.org .


When someone clicks the ad, Google deducts a fee from your $10,000 a month, typically around $2.

The fee is determined by competition for the keyword, and the quality of your campaign, so top-notch campaigns are able to stretch their $10k farther.

People who click the ad are directed to your website.

To get the most from your $10k a month, we recommend building targeted landing pages that instantly call on the visitor to take action. A good example is this page for the League of Women Voters.


What’s Ad Grants Management?

Google requires nonprofits to maintain a 5% click rate on their ads in order to stay eligible, which demands lots of time and skilled maintenance.

Many nonprofits find it beneficial to outsource Ad Grants management to a third party in order to get the most impact from the grant and stay eligible.

We share how to choose a reputable company, and our recommended pick in our monthly webinar.


Questions? Join the webinar to learn more!

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