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Data-driven nonprofit marketing pros are always testing, iterating, and looking for ways to grow. And looking back over 2018, we can see we’ve grown a lot! Some of our clients increased their online donations by 50% or more, others extended their reach to thousands of new people. Every week, it seems like there’s a new trick learned or insight gained.

But once we gain that new knowledge, it’s written down somewhere and starts collecting dust. Maybe is even forgotten. And we’re guessing the same thing happens to you.

Wouldn’t it be better if we had somewhere to share what we’ve learned, so others can grow too, and maybe even offer an insight we didn’t see at first? What would happen if we shared all the “trade secrets” we learn along the way, so others could follow in our footsteps?

That’s why we’re reinventing this blog to create a community for growth. Here at The Digital Nonprofit, we preach continuous improvement by listening to real humans and hard data. So we’re going to put our money where our mouth is, and start sharing real, behind-the-scenes insights for growing your nonprofit through digital marketing

Every Monday, we’ll post about what we’ve learned, including:

  • Real nonprofit success stories

  • Mistakes you can learn from

  • Quick tips to grow your nonprofit

  • Q&As on creating “lean” growth at your nonprofit

And you’ll be able to share your responses, tips, or rebuttals in the comments, along with 700+ other nonprofit marketing pros!

The first batch of marketing insights is dropping this Monday, 1/7/19, We’ll share how much of a difference “Donate” vs “Get Involved” makes, and how to use Google Grants even for super-niche campaigns.

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