The Google Workspace Business Plus Plan: Full Review

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Google Workspace is revolutionizing the way we work online. Their Google Workplace Business Plus edition is a game-changer for large nonprofits and mid-size businesses looking to improve their ability to work efficiently and collaboratively.

The world is changing rapidly, and many of our old working habits are no longer practical. To succeed in today’s environment, among fierce competition for dollars, businesses and nonprofits need to be able to move quickly. The cloud-based collaboration tools included with Google Workplace can help organizations operate efficiently without having to hire a team of IT professionals or paying for an assortment of different types of business software. For the purposes of this article, we focused our evaluation specifically on the Google Workspace Business Plus plan. This package is more suitable for larger teams that include multiple members working at different locations.

Below you will find an in-depth review of the Workspace Plus plan.

What is Google Workplace?

In 2020, Google transformed G Suite into Google Workspace. Now, each of Google’s cloud-based productivity tools integrates better. Subscribers no longer have to switch between tools like Gmail, Drive, or Chat which are now all housed together in a central location. The changes enable users of Google Workplace to collaborate quickly and seamlessly even as their organizations and needs grow.

Google Workspace Dashboard

Forrester actually conducted a study called the “Total Economic Impact of Google Workspace” and found that large corporations (over 20k employees) who’ve subscribed to the service have:

  • 1.5% increase in revenue
  • Saved 171 hours per user per year
  • Saw a 95% reduced risk of a data breach
  • Required 20% less tech support
  • Reported a 331% ROI with the service

Your business or nonprofit may not have 20k employees, so Forrester also provides a report showcasing smaller organizations’ savings and provides a calculator for determining your specific savings.

Try this Calculator to see how much your organization could gain from using Google Workspace.

Features and Benefits of Google Workplace Plus

Advanced Server Speed

Google guarantees 99.9% uptime on their servers for business email, including advanced spam filters to minimize time sifting junk email in the inbox. If you’ve ever waited for programs to load and gotten sidetracked with other tasks, you know how valuable this guarantee can be in saving time and enhancing efficiency.

Cost of Google Workspace Plus

The Business Plus package costs $18 per month per user. The lower tier plans cost $6 to $12 per month per user, and that’s before you apply their promo codes. While they are less expensive, they are generally not suitable for organizations with 50-100 employees+ that operate teams in different locations.

Business-Grade Security

Google Workspace services run on the same infrastructure as Google. This built-in security has protections and features to keep data secure, manage lost or stolen devices, and cut the need for changing passwords during employee turnover. The comfort of knowing you have seamless tools and the best-in-class security you don’t have to think about can be a precious time and cost savings.

File Sharing and Storage

Google Workspace Plus offers 3T of storage per user for files. Cloud-stored files can be accessed and saved from desktop and mobile devices and have controls for sharing. The massive storage space per user ensures you’ll likely never have storage issues or the need to buy and store more servers.

Easy Administration

Google Workspace plans are managed by an administrator, not individuals, like regular Google accounts. Plan admins can quickly set up new team members according to teams or groups for their specific needs. Software and security updates are automatic, so there’s no need to schedule extra time for those tasks.

Having one straightforward dashboard for the administration of the system for email, file sharing, employee assignment, meeting tools, and more is convenient and shortens the time switching between several complex systems and managing multiple passwords.

Collaborate from Anywhere

Team members can collaborate across devices on any type of file and program in real-time. Cross-program co-editing helps projects get done faster. If you’ve ever had multiple versions of the same file in play across team members and tried to manage tracked changes and files saved in different systems or worse, on someone’s desktop, you know what a value cloud-based, real-time collaboration can be.

Integrates with Other Popular Programs

Not everyone uses Google. That’s why all Google Workplace plans allow opening and editing standard files like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. Users can also share or export files with others who don’t use Google Workspace.

Google Workspace Plus Vs. the Other Workspace Plans

The combination of services, programs, and features makes Google Workspace an all-in-one solution for nonprofits and businesses looking to curb administration costs and increase productivity and collaboration.

All Google Workspace Plus plans come with custom emails and the full suite of collaboration tools like Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, and more. An admin manages the programs and options to ensure that team members are working with the same resources.

The other plans, i.e., the Starter and Standard packages, are for fewer users and come with less file storage space. Also, the Google Workplace Plus plan includes a few added benefits many find helpful, including:

  • Custom email e-Discovery, retention
  • Video recording and attendance tracking
  • 5 TB of cloud storage per user (compared with 2 TB for Standard and 30 GB for Starter plans)
  • Enhanced security of Vault and advanced endpoint management

Custom Email E-Discovery and Retention

The Google Workspace email retention feature allows users to keep a copy of any email, while eDiscovery is a simple tool for searching and quickly finding those messages. For those with thousands of emails in their inboxes, having the familiar Google search function at your fingertips to find the one we’re looking for is a major perk.

Advanced Meeting Controls

The plan allows up to 250 meeting participants, attendance tracking, advanced administrator controls, and meeting recording. With that capability, nonprofits could host large meetings with all donors and volunteers. The recording feature means essential information can be saved and shared across teams or used for training purposes later.

Vault and Advanced Endpoint Management

With Vault, admins have total control over data, password strength requirements, remote device management, and more. Vault works with IOS and Android devices as well as eDiscovery for compliance requirements. There can be a lot of pressure and worry involved with data protection and compliance, but knowing you have the strength of Google supporting the process is a relief.

Included Applications in Google Workspace Plus

  • Apps Script – rapid application development platform
  • Calendar – time management and scheduling
  • Chat – direct messages and team chat rooms
  • Cloud Search – AI-powered search assistant
  • Currents – internal communications tool
  • Docs – word processor
  • Drive – file storage
  • Forms – survey software
  • Gmail – email
  • Keep – note-taking service
  • Meet – video meetings
  • Sheets – spreadsheet program
  • Sites – web page-creation tool
  • Slides – presentation program
  • Vault – information governance
  • E-Discovery – seek and find information

Discounts for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations that qualify for the Google for Nonprofits program can sign up for the Google Workspace Plus at a significant discount. Rather than paying the full $18 per month per user, they pay just $5.04 (per month per user).

This discount is in addition to the other perks of this program, such as the Google Ad Grants, YouTube Nonprofit Program and more.

While most organizations may opt for the completely free Starter Plan, those with tens and hundreds of employees should have a closer look at the Business Plus plan, as it will likely save them some aggravation in the future.

The benefits of the Google Workplace Plus plan can allow nonprofits the flexibility to streamline workflow and improve communications. These improvements can increase donations, volunteer hours and minimize productivity and donor loss.

Getting Started with Google Workplace Plus

The cost of getting started with Google Workspace is free for the first two weeks. After that, the plus plan price is $18 per user monthly.

Overall, the power of Google Workspace Plus can be a major time and cost savings that help increase the productivity of your teams and expand your organization’s reach. When operating in competitive spaces, we all need every edge we can get, and Google Workspace Plus can help provide a major advantage.

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